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Our Shelves

The best selection in town! 

The shelves of Pete's Wine & Spirits are stocked a lot like the shelves of Pete's Fruits & Vegetables- with nothing but the best! 

Pete's wines are pulled from around the world, anchored by the classics and some neighborhood favorites. The selection branches out from there to include fun and obscure varietals, cutting edge cans, and of course a full lineup of Greek grapes that you wont find anywhere else! 

The spirits shelves are lush with local Colorado elixers, sourced from the sunny western slope, high in the mountains, and even right here in Denver. Don't miss the full lineup of Greek Metaxa, Tsipouro, and Ouzo- Pete can always help you navigate the selection. 

The coolers at Pete's Wine & Spirits are a beer drinker's dream come true. Denver is known for its beer, and Pete's shelves are stacked with both local favorites, and up and comers. With a full selection of well known domestics, impressive imports, and microbrews from around the country, you'll never leave empty handed.

This is a neighborhood spot, so from the top shelf to the simple necessities, (and even the guilty pleasures), Pete's has everything that you need. Whether it's a bottle, a case, or a keg, Pete's is here for you. 

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